The complete range of SACE products have been designed and fully tested in AUSTRALIA to be the BEST in CLASS for the specific purpose of professionally cleaning ductless Air Conditioners.

Cleaning quicker and more efficiently means you will clean more ductless Air Conditioners each and every day and be sure you have reached the highest standard of hygiene cleanliness in each and every Air Conditioner you clean.

SACE is now wholly owned by

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The 6 SACE Guarantees

Guaranteed – 200% More Hitting Power Than Comparable Equipment

Guaranteed – Heavy Duty Aluminum Chassis / 12 – Volt Industrial Machine

Guaranteed – To Outlast Any Comparable Equipment

Guaranteed – Properly Designed Gun and Wand To Clean Where Others Can’t!

Guaranteed – To Carry Out 10 to 12 cleans Per Day Without Recharging Battery

Guaranteed – Rigorously Tested by All Our Customers in Over 40 Countries

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3 Year Warranty

We are so sure that your SACE machine will outlast and outclass other comparable ductless cleaning equipment that we offer all SACE owners a 3 year warranty on the machine and catchment bag.

 (See attached warranty conditions)


The Complete SACE Ductless
Air Conditioner Cleaning System

For the established industry professional or the new starter, The SACE Ductless Air Conditioner Cleaning System is the complete package for the astute professional committed to the highest industry standard of hygienic cleanliness.

The SACE Equipment Package Includes:

    • The SACE Machine
    • The SACE Catchment Bag
    • The SACE Catchment Tank and Hose with attachments
    • The SACE Operations / Maintenance manual
    • Safety Equipment 
    • 3 Year Warranty 

Total Price: $4, 390.00 USD

*Not Available to Purchase in Australia