The complete range of SACE products have been designed and fully tested in AUSTRALIA to be the BEST in CLASS for the specific purpose of professionally cleaning ductless Air Conditioners.

Cleaning quicker and more efficiently means you will clean more ductless Air Conditioners each and every day and be sure you have reached the highest standard of hygiene cleanliness in each and every Air Conditioner you clean.

The Complete SACE Ductless
Air Conditioner Cleaning System

For the established industry professional or the new starter, The SACE Ductless Air Conditioner Cleaning System is the complete package for the astute professional committed to the highest industry standard of hygienic cleanliness.

The SACE Ductless Air Conditioner Cleaning System includes

    • The SACE Machine
    • The SACE Catchment Bag
    • The SACE Operations/Maintenance manual – FOC
      which includes all of the above product items

      Total Price: $ 3,325.00 USD

      (Not Available in Australia)

The SACE Machine

Built tough in Australia, the SACE machine delivers optimal pressure and a hygienic clean on all ductless Air Conditioners. With a super strong solid mass 12 volt battery you can clean 10-12 systems a day without having the need to recharge your machine or run out of battery power.

Price: $ 3,030.00 USD

(Not Available in Australia)

The SACE Catchment Bag

No more mess, no more fuss with the SACE catchment bag. Rigorously tested, this bag is made to fit most wall splits and if it doesn’t you can unzip the side panel and allow the bag to slide along under the unit to complete your hygienic clean – tested for up to 3000 cleans!

Waste product tank and hose included with the catchment bag.

Price: $ 452.00 USD

(Not Available in Australia)